Sustainability and Values

sustainability & environment

We try to do the decent thing; tea is a natural product and that means it shouldn't be adulterated by anything nasty (including attitudes). Our green credentials in a nutshell…


We source our teas from top quality, well-run estates. Due to quality and sourcing reasons, not all of our teas are organic but they are always 100% natural and tested against pesticides.

green packaging

rainforest alliance

rainforest alliance

Our english breakfast blend has Rainforest Alliance certification. Here is a little more about the work and objectives of the Rainforest Alliance and a nice little video which sums up the work they do.  We’re working with the RA to get more green & herbal tea estates certified so you can see the little green frog on loads more of our packs!

sustainable restaurant association

sustainable restaurant association

We’re an approved supplier of the Sustainable Restaurant Association which helps guide restaurants in all areas of sustainability – from the way they source their products, to the way they impact society, staff and the environment.

the little things...

Here are some of the other things we do which may not save the world overnight, but will all help in the long run…

  • We reuse our cardboard packing cases to post out our online orders - reusing is always better than recycling.
  • We recycle all our milk cartons, soup tins, jars etc.
  • Despite all the tea drinking that goes on in our office, we are always careful not to overfill the kettle each time; however, our mission to find the perfect eco kettle is ongoing…
  • We have added solar panels to the roof of our new tea tasting room.
  • We cycle, walk or jog to work as much as possible; some of us manage 5 times per week, some just the once, but it all helps.