We'll let you into a little secret - our favorite way to enjoy matcha has to be as an almond milk latte. It's the perfect way to get your daily dose of matcha and is tasty to boot. 

We LOVE the fact that more and more cafes are now serving up amazing matcha lattes, and the great thing is they are super simple to recreate at home.

First things first, get your matcha paste on: 

  • Using a hand held whisk, whizz up 1g matcha with a little water. (try to ensure the water isn’t boiling – if you grab the kettle a few minutes after it boils, you'll be grand)
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as a squeeze of agave syrup.
  • Top with hot frothy almond milk – if you don’t have a steamer on a big fancy coffee machine at your disposal, then a microwave and whisk will do the same job!  

And there you have it - a perfect matcha almond latte! 

Feel free to swap the ingredients around to make this work for your taste buds – cow’s milk instead of almond milk works just as well. Similarly coconut milk, oat milk or rice milk are all awesome dairy free options. Bonus points if it's homemade...

Not keen on agave syrup? Try infusing your milk with a vanilla pod or use sugar/coconut sugar/maple syrup to sweeten instead – there are lots of tweaks you can make to create your perfect matcha latte!


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