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indulgent bundle

indulgent bundle


about this product

Five teapigs teas with a sweet, punchy kick - they might just save you from reaching for an afternoon biscuit (although they do taste good with a big biscuit).

what's in it?

liquorice and mint | 15 tea temples | pure liquorice root and whole peppermint leaves - a naturally sweet and refreshing drink. This tea contains liquorice root- people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

sweet ginger | 15 tea temples | big in ginger flavour, loaded with sweetness and full of spice.

rooibos crème caramel | 15 tea temples  | South African rooibos tea with chunks of caramel that give it a touch of sweetness - skinny dessert.

chocolate flake tea | 15 tea temples | like dunking a chocolate biscuits into your tea - top notch teapigs tea with chocolate flakes

chocolate and mint | 15 tea temples | a classic combination of chocolate and mint in a cup.