fennel and liquorice

best before date November 2018

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HK$35.00 Was: HK$70.00

BBD Nov 2018
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Fennel has an anise like aroma and is used widely around the world for both culinary and health purposes. Importantly to us it tastes yummy and is particularly delicious with its partner in crime - liquorice. A naturally caffeine free sweet, and savoury aromatic tea. This tea has a best before date of 20th November 2018 which is why they are half price!

Louise Says

how does it taste?

Super, super, super cleansing.

good if you're feeling

Bloated or hungover - this is your cure. 

*this tea contains liquorice root - people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.*

How we like it

Best drunk as it is. No need to add anything.

Brew Time

  • tea temple - 1 per person. Infuse in boiling water. Brew for 3+ minutes.  

Whole leaves take a little longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.


Good to know

BBD Nov 2018
  • what is in it?

    fennel and liquorice root

    *this tea contains liquorice - people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption*

  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.

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