Green tea with mint

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great taste 2018 1 star
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Traditional Moroccan green tea with mint is typically drunk sweet - very, very sweet. This is because they use Gunpowder Green, a tea so strong that sugar is needed to remove the astringency. We opted for a more delicate chunmee green tea known as Precious Eyebrows. Better to change the base tea than your teeth, we reckoned.

Louise Says

how does it taste?

A delicate green tea known as "precious eyebrows" blended with peppermint leaves for that traditional Moroccan experience.

good if you're feeling

Rough on the inside and even worse on the outside; green tea and mint are a great cure-all.

How we like it

We like to drink it pure but for that real North African experience add sugar, heaps and heaps of sugar.

Just cover one tea temple with boiling water and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove temple and top-up glass with iced water. Spoon in some sugar.

Brew Time

  • 1 tea temple per person. brew for 3+ minutes, best with water at 80 degrees C. (If you don't have a fancy kettle or thermometer to hand, grabbing the kettle just before it boils will do the trick!)

Whole leaves take longer to brew, but the little wait is definitely worth it.

Good to know

great taste 2018 1 star
  • Brew for 3+ minutes
    Brew for 3+ minutes
  • Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
    Water just off the boil - 80 degrees
  • Calories 3
    3 calories per cup
  • chunmee green tea from china
    chunmee green tea from china
  • what is in it?

    chunmee green tea, peppermint leaves

  • nutritional content per 100ml

    • 3 kcal
    • 0 sugar
    • 0 fat
    • trace carbohydrate
  • Allergens

    dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Customer Reviews

* * * * * (30)

Best Way To Drink Green Tea

* * * * * by Rebekah • 2nd April 2015

“I have NEVER liked green tea, most of the time it makes me gag, but the mint covers the green tea in such a perfect way that it tastes like I am just drinking an awesome mint tea.

I drink this tea every morning! I love knowing that I am getting all the health benefits of green tea without the taste!

This tea is great for anyone who loves peppermint!”

More Pls!

* * * * - by Emilia Rodriguez • 2nd April 2015

“I love green tea, and I love mint. Both of those loves combined in this tea are PERFECTION. I like that it's not overtly minty, and it's lovely freshly brewed hot or over ice. I like mine brewed over ice and then infused with fresh strawberries or cantaloupe!”

Perfect tea!

* * * * * by meagan columbia • 2nd April 2015

“I had never tried a mint green tea before this one, but it is now one of my favorites! It has the perfect amount of mint without overpowering the green tea flavor. Definitely a go to!”

Mint Julep?

* * * * - by Ann • 2nd April 2015

“I was raised on tea; the stronger the better. I found tea pigs through my daughter (who I might add finds the best places to shop/eat in the U.S. even though she has never been here). I decided if I was buy tea for her I should really try some myself. The mint tea is everything it promises to be! I don't add sugar; but I can imagine how good it would be as a sweetened ice tea. I am going to be recommending it to my southern friends.”

Color Me Converted

* * * * * by Temperance Blackthorne • 3rd December 2014

“I love peppermint but in the past have really not cared for Peppermint teas or green teas for that matter.

I say in the past because a friend brought this for Thanksgiving dinner and I am hooked! It is a true peppermint taste without the bitter green taste so many of them have.

Now to convince people I need tea for Christmas....”

Rock the Kasbah

* * * * * by Pharmorto • 5th December 2013

“The closet equivalent of Moroccan mint tea you'll get out side of Morocco. Couldn't get enough of the stuff when I visited Marrakech and Agadir earlier this year. For those not watching the waistband, add a sugar cube or two to get the Moroccan experience..

A light and soothing green tea thats great at any time of the day and one of my favourite varieties.”

Wish it was better then Twinnings.....

* - - - - by Rachel Hick • 26th March 2013

“I am a massive fan of Teapigs and buy the Peppermint in bulk. When I saw they did Green tea mint I was very excited to try it as this is my favourite of all teas, but I was disappointed. I currently drink Twinning Green tea and mint (with dry horrible tea leaves...) but the taste is better then the Tea Pigs.
I was hoping the Green with mint would be similar to the Peppermint Tea Pigs with its strong fresh mint taste however I felt it didn't.
Maybe the peeps at Tea Pigs will hear my plea and make it more minty.... then i'll be buying both Green Mint and Peppermint in bulk :-)”

Love it!

* * * * * by Nadia Porter • 15th February 2013

“I've tried lots of green tea with mint before, and this has to be the best one. It's not bitter (to me, anyway), and the mint doesn't overtake the green tea. It's so good!”

The Mint Overwhelms the Green

* * - - - by Jessica • 7th December 2012

“I ended up drinking this the other day when the library where I typically study was out of the mao feng green. It was alright, but honestly, did not hold a candle to the other green. The mint utterly overwhelmed the green. I recommend it if you want caffeine and focus but don't want the taste of tea.”

Fab green tea

* * * * * by Kirsten Haylings • 11th October 2012

“100% better than the ones you get from the shop,The taste is amazing.
Will be buying some more ....”


* * * * * by Ellie Kay • 5th September 2012

“I have been a fan of green tea with mint for a long time now, but it was a few months ago that I had a cup of this awesomeness in a beautiful cafe in Derby, UK. Fell in love with it instantly: the taste is so delicate and refreshing; the design of the pack and little temples make it a unique product;and the smell just before you sip...awesomeness, I tell you!! Indulge your senses!

A kind request: Teapigs, please make it a bit more affordable and offer it in bigger packs. Pleaaaaaase?”

Love it!

* * * * * by Sarah • 14th July 2012

“Love love love this tea! Agree with previous review though - please make 50 packs. The 15 packs just don't last long enough!!”

Amazing Tea!

* * * * * by Clifford Parker • 25th May 2012

“My partner and I fell in love with this type of tea on holiday in Marrakech last summer, tried to find it back at home, but nothing we tried came close.. Untill we found this!

This is by far our favourite tea, it's light, refreshing, minty and tastes amazing.

My only criticism is that it's not sold in 50 packs :-) Come on teapigs lets have it :-)”

Delicate and Refreshing

* * * * * by Vivienne O'Regan • 1st May 2012

“Just received my first order and brewed this up in my little teapot for one.

The smell was enchanting even before brewed. The tea itself was delicte, the green tea and mint perfectly balanced. I love it”

Minty Yumness!!

* * * * * by Jo • 9th April 2012

“I have been drinking teapigs for about a year, but only recently tried the mint green tea. Have to say it is working its way up my list as it is so refreshing plus has the benefits of green tea!
Completely agree with the others we would like a 50 pack box pleeeaase??? :-)”


* * * * * by Junaid Masud • 9th April 2012

“I have tried many different types and brands of moroccan mint/green mint teas. This blend is by far the best! The unique blend of chun mee with peppermint gives a sweet and refreshing taste. I have given this to many people who usually don't like green tea - all of them loved it!

My only suggestion is that TeaPigs need to have these in packs of 50 and/or in loose form!”

Wonderful Green Tea

* * * * * by Angela • 25th February 2012

“I love this tea and order it regularly.The hint of mint makes it refreshing and i alternate between these and the peppermint tea. My only suggestion is a box of 50? 15 just don't last long enough.”


* * * * * by Sophie arnold • 8th February 2012

“I like green tea and also peppermint tea so the two combined sounded good, although other brands of green tea do not taste very nice and look like dirty dish water! but tea is amazing!!!!! :) :) :)”

First cup

* * * * * by Sam Eggleton • 21st January 2012

“My first order of tea arrived today,much excitement. I have just made my first cup. The temples are beautiful the tea is divine. So refreshing,a nice hit of mint but not overpowering then the smooth tea flavour comes through. I can see a whole new lifetime of tea experiences ahead.”

Had to buy more!

* * * * * by Raquel Gabriel Leland • 14th November 2011

“Found this at the local Whole Foods here in the States wanting to get some mint tea, and finally decided on this one. Addictive from the first cup -- so much so I had to go online and get more! Based on just this one tea, am going to be definitely trying more. One request: 50 pack!”


* * * * * by • 24th June 2011

“This is really nice - I can drink green tea but I'm not a huge fan of it, however this I could definitely see me buying more of! Really fresh and crisp, and has a lovely minty taste to it. Drunk with sugar, it's a real treat.”

green tea with mint

* * * * * by • 9th May 2011

“I recently bought the small pack of this product. I thoroughly enjoyed this tea without sugar as you suggest. Very refreshing. I will definitely be buying this in future. I enjoy your green tea also.”


* * * * * by • 24th August 2010

“A sweet, refreshing tea. No need to add sugar. The sweetness of the peppermint is "grounded" by the more sedate yet yummy green tea, giving it more balance but still strongly biased towards sweet.”

this is the best tea ever!

* * * * * by • 2nd March 2010

“This is an amazing tea, but it's sold out virtually every store I've been to. When will it be available again!?”

Mmmmm minty

* * * * * by • 6th October 2009

“This is by far the best green tea and mint I have tasted, better even than the oddles of cups that I have drunk in morocco. The perfect mix of tea and mint without one over powering the other. I am now hooked!!!!!”

Absolute Covert !!!

* * * * * by • 25th July 2009

“After many years of trying to convince myself I liked Supermarket bought Green Tea, I have finally found a green tea which I thoroughly love. No bitter after taste which comes with the usual brands and the peppermint adds a refreshing touch. I am truly hooked and cant wait to try the other types!! Thank you Tea Pigs, I don't think I will be drinking pg tips again xx”

green tea with mint

* * * * * by • 31st December 2007

“it is delicious. even without sugar it is pleasurable and lush”

Minty green goodness!

* * * * * by • 23rd September 2007

“I try to drink green tea, but often find I don't like the need to worry any more as I have found green tea with mint. Lovely taste, no aftertaste and a wonderful smell. It's also lovely to watch the leaves swell in their gossamer bag. I didn't even need to add honey or sugar. Lovely!!!”

marvellous and a minty

* * * * - by • 25th May 2007

“This green tea is complemented beautifully by the mint, a very nice refreshing tea. It's a yummy way of getting in a little extra goodness without a nasty aftertaste.”

green tea with mint

* * * * - by • 22nd January 2007

“i tried this without any sugar and is a very strong tea. if you want a mint tea i prefered the peppermint to this one. found this one a little too strong”

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