Detox cheeky

six teas known for detoxing

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Teapigs Say

This bundle of teas are tailored to all your detox needs, but, unlike other detox brews you may have come across, these really taste lovely.


If you'd like to check the ingredients of your chosen teas, you can visit the individual product pages which have full details. Here's where you'll find all the teapigs teas. 

what's inside this bundle?

  • pure lemongrass - 15 tea temples
drunk all over Asia as a digestive aid, lemongrass makes a delicately sweet citrus drink.
  • yerba mate - 15 tea temples
native to South America, this is a real energy brew reported to boost metabolism and increase focus. Strong and slightly smoky taste.
  • tung ting oolong - 15 tea temple
this is a part-fermented tea so it has some of the strength of black tea but the aromatic flavour of green tea.
  • mao feng green tea - 15 tea temples
this green tea has a delicate, peachy flavour that won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth like most green teas.
  • super fruit - 15 tea temples 
this fruity number, containing real berry pieces and hibiscus, is refreshingly sweet.
  • peppermint leaves - 15 tea temples
our peppermint tea is fresher and punchier than any you've tasted (if we do say so ourselves).


Customer Reviews

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Caffeine cold turkey no more!!

* * * * * by Kelly Jones Rowlands • 17th July 2012

“Wow! What a lovely deal. You get so much for the price and the quality of each teabag is fantastic. They last so long and always keep their flavour hot or cold. The colours are bright and clear. These babies have banished my caffeine cravings! Yay! Feel brighter, healthier and have more energy from drinking my teapigs. :)”

Fantastic choice of Caffeine Free Teas...

* * * * * by • 29th June 2011

“I'm caffeine intolerant and have struggled for years to find some tasty alternatives to normal tea and coffee. This pack is fantastic and I've tried some teas I probably wouldn't otherwise have tried and there's not a single one I don't like. I usually struggle with herbal teas as I find them really bland and I struggle to finish a cup but not with these.”

Camomile tea

* * * * * by • 20th February 2009

“Your camomile tea is superb - makes others taste like drinking sawdust.

Karen Abrams”

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