Looking to get family and friends some teas for the upcoming Lunar New Year? Check out our handy Chinese New Year gift guide for 2023!

Tea drinking has been an integral part of Chinese culture for centuries and not only is it admired as a delicious drink with a fragrant aroma, it also plays a profound role in social gatherings as a way of showing hospitality.

super special bundle, $240

super special bundle

what's in it?

  • jasmine pearls | 15 tea temples | This tea is a very delicate green tea with a light, floral, refreshing, natural jasmine taste.

  • silver tips white tea | 15 tea temples | a very exclusive tea. The tea buds are plucked within two hours of sprouting - lovely, light and aromatic.

  • tung ting oolong | 15 tea temples | This tea will deliver the strength of a black tea, with the aromatic, flowery flavours of a green tea.

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lemon and ginger, $25-$185

lemon and ginger

This tea will deliver a ginger kick with refreshing lemon.

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super fruit, $25-$185

super fruit

The name says it all - this tea is super fruity! A perfect wake me up tea without the caffeine! 

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sweet ginger. $25-$75

sweet ginger

This tea tastes GINGER, then cinnamon, then sweet.

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