A big part of teapigs is our ethical scheme, whereby we work with the Point Foundation in Gisenyi, Rwanda - donating a percetage of all our everdya brew sales to in a bid to help support tea growing communities. 

 Rwandan youth are the country’s primary resource, yet many remain uneducated. teapigs funding sponsors a number of university and college students to give them the chance to become independent and improve their futures. Some of you might remember Gasiwga [pictured above], who has recently passed his National Exams with good results and is waiting to know if this is enough to get him an international scholarship. Meanwhile he is sending out his CV to various tourist companies and looking for a job! 

 We also continue to support ‘The teapigs House’, a community based house in Gisenyi that cares for severely disabled youth once abandoned. By funding the running costs of the house and fully trained carers, teapigs are helping restore their health, welfare and Human Rights.

This year, we are looking to increase provision for the ‘House of Children’ school which is an inclusive school, trying to bring education to children of all abilities. Many pupils come from communities around Gisenyi which are now children who used to live at the Noel Orphanage. The school is operated by the UCC who we already work with in supporting PWD’s (people with disabilities) in the area and we hope that success here will be continues into many other schools in the area. Look out for updates soon!

 We would like to thank everyone for all of your continued support!