Top 5 Aries Tea Blends

Aries are often associated with bold and fiery personalities, so a tea that complements those qualities would be ideal.


Good tea options for Aries could be:

  1. chilli chaiChilli chai tea can help to stimulate the senses and provide an energy boost, which can be helpful for Aries who tend to have a lot of energy and thrive on excitement. 

  2. sweet ginger: Aries are known for their energetic and dynamic nature, and our sweet ginger tea can help to match that intensity. Ginger has a spicy, warming flavor that can invigorate the senses and provide a burst of energy.

    sweet ginger tea
  3. yerba mate: Aries are known to have an adventurous spirit, courageous heart and energetic streak. Our yerba mate will certainly help sustain the energy Aries need for all their adventures. This blend also calms their sometimes, impatient temperament. 

  4. chocolate flake tea: Aries tend to be ambitious and driven, and black tea can help to provide the focus and clarity needed to accomplish goals. Black teas like our chocolate flake tea naturally contains caffeine, which can stimulate the mind and increase alertness.

    chocolate flake tea 

  5. rooibos créme caramelAries are also known for their passion and enthusiasm, and rooibos tea can help to balance that energy with a sense of calm. Our rooibos creme caramel is a caffeine-free tea that has a mild earthy flavor and is known for its relaxing properties.                                   

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