If our DM’s are anything to go by, we know that you’re all absolutely brimming with ideas for new blends & flavour combinations. So, to celebrate turning the grand ol’ age of 15 later this year, we want to create a super special birthday blend, chosen and created completely by our wonderful teapigs community! Your creation can be wild & wacky or classic & timeless – whatever tea you’ve always wished we did, now’s the time to let us know!  

Excitingly, the winning blend will be available to buy as a special edition to celebrate our birthday in October!  And we thought there's no better time to start than today - National Tea Day! 

Now, in an ideal world we'd have you all popping down to teapigs HQ in Brentford for a real life tea blending experience - sniffing & slurping & swirling up a storm in a blending bowl. But, with all that's going on in the world, it seems like that's probably not the best idea. Instead, we're bringing our tea blending experience to the digital world - meaning we can open it up to all of you teapigs abroad*, too!

all you need to do is...

  • Click here or the link below to be taken to our virtual blending room.
  • Pick a base tea from a range of teas & infusions - do you want it to be a true tea or an infusion? Something strong like a black tea, or softer like a chamomile? This sets the tone for the rest of your tea!
  • Put your own spin on things by adding up to 5 ingredients - from sweet to spiced, fruity to floral. You can be as simple or as wild as you like, but remember we'll cap you at 5 - sometimes you can have too much of a good thing!
  • Give your blend a name & let us know what in spired you - everyone loves a good back story! 

who picks the winner?

Louise, our tea taster & co-founder has taste tasted every single batch of tea we've ever sold, and this one won't be any different! 

She's been doing this for the best part of 20 years so it's pretty safe to say she knows how to pull together even the most bonkers ideas into a balanced cup. She's got the best deal here we reckon!

Lou will go through all of your entries, blend up a load of them & taste them (along with a few tasting volunteers from team teapigs). After lots of slurping, she'll shortlist 5 entries. 

Once the teas are shortlisted, we'll be opening it up to you, the great teapigs public, to vote on the final winner! The lucky blend will then be made into an official special edition blend - available for everyone to buy on our birthday! 

when & where can I buy it?

Well, would it be a birthday without a shiny new present?! We'll be launching the special edition online in time for Free Tea Day 2021 - that's October 27th, so mark your calendars! 

The special edition will also be available to buy in a select number of independent stockists across the UK too! We'll update you on where a little later in the year.

ready, steady, BLEND! 

Heard enough? Click the link below between April 21st - May 21st to enter! 

need a little help? 

We know, it can be a little overwhelming. Here's a breakdown of all the ingredients with a little more info to help make your choices

 bases - you'll pick just 1 of these:

 white tea soft, light & delicate - goes well with light fruit & floral flavours
green tea crisp & refreshing - like white tea, but a little more grassy
oolong tea mid way between green & black tea - a little sweet, mellow, and not quite strong enough for a milky brew. works wonders with tropical fruits!
black tea your "tea" tea, your rosy lee. lots of body, lots of oomph - pairs well with pretty much everything!
lapsang souchong a smoked black tea - dark & stormy, but works surprisingly well with creamy or strong fruit flavours
rooibos black tea's naturally caffeine free friend. lots of body, none of the bitterness, & a little earthy.
apple soft, light & sweet - acts as a great neutral base for your wildest herbal blends
peppermint packs a mighty minty punch! instant uplift for any blend
chamomile soft, sweet, floral - the base of all your favourite bedtime brews
hibiscus bright & zingy - makes a gorgeously red-pink cup with a tart tang
yerba mate packed full of caffeine for a good lift - tastes like a smoked bitter green tea even though it's not a true tea!


mix ins - you can pick up to 5 of these:

almond extract natural flavouring (no nasties here) for an amaretto twist
aniseed think liquorice sticks
apple yes, here too! add sweetness to blends
banana tropical & fruity - your favourite pick n mix treat without the chemicals
bergamot a small citrus fruit - the key ingredient for an earl grey inspired blend
blue cornflower bright, blue, beautiful. gives your blend a finishing flourish!
blue pea flower is it a birthday party without a magician? makes your brew change colour!
blueberry full berry burst of flavour
caramel pieces the perfect garnish for the sweet-toothed blenders...
cardamom deep, rich & aromatic 
chamomile soft, appley sweetness &  floral finish
chilli for those who like feeling hot hot hot
cinnamon tastes like christmas regardless of what day it is - surprisingly sweet too
cloves dark, aromatic & a little bitter - balances well with a sweet addition
cocoa nibs for the chocoholics - dark & rich. think cooking chocolate rather than corner shop treat - mellows when brewed with milk
coconut tropical aromas and a creamy finish
cranberry tart, berry twist
cream flavour natural flavouring (no nasties here!) for a richer sweet flavour
dandelion earthy, herbal & good for your insides too (find it in our cleanse tea)
echinacea tingling, invigorating & strong but floral flavour
edible glitter ...look, it's not every day you turn 15! sparkles are for celebrations
ginger sweet, slightly peppery & warms you right up
ginseng light liquorice & earthy tones
guarana sweet, fruity & packs a caffeinated punch! (find it in our trim tea)
honey bush for when you need a soft sweet touch but don't want to overdo it
jasmine light, floral & a little fancy
lavender wildflower florals though distantly related to & reminiscent of mint. sleep in a cup! (find it in our snooze tea)
lemon a sharp, sweet zing
lemon balm don't let the name fool you! soft, sweet, and aromatic - lightly acidic with a minty finish (find it in our happy tea)
liquorice root  a classic in teas for adding sweetness - no liquorice allsorts here! soft, sweet, almost haylike at times.
mango can fruits taste like sunshine? because this one does!
marigold petals bright yellow petals, brings a sunshine glow to your brew
orange lemon's less sharp cousin - juicy sweetness
orange blossom orange's floral sibling - soft, flowery, somewhere between bergamot & jasmine
oregano super aromatic - but surprisingly peppery in the cup
peach just peachy!
pear soft & mellow sweetness, keep it soft & light
peppermint powerfully minty - add for a brightening lift of flavour
pink pepper want a darker hot kick? pink pepper will pep up any brew
pomegranate sharp but sweet, works best with softer base teas
raspberry rich, red & fruity - full of flavour
rose  strong but sweet floral tone - pair with lighter flavours to bring out the smell of an english garden
rosemary think pine, lemon & mint all rolled into one
safflower golden orange petals to make your brew look beautiful
shaped sugars okay fine, we'll allow ONE full blown sugar treat. looks cute, bigs up the sweet.
spirulina  this ones for the green juice fans - adds a blue-green hue & tastes reminiscent of it too! 
star anise sweet like liquorice but spiced. works well with lots of spice friends.
strawberry sweet berry goodness - tastes of Wimbledon
thyme  herbaceous & earthy
turmeric earthy, peppery, almost fruity
valerian herbal & earthy, with a strong aroma (find it in our calm tea)
vanilla less is more - adds a strong, creamy sweetness
white chocolate not just for kids in cowboy hats anymore - adds both creamy texture & sweet tone all in one