Our brand new range of feel-good teas have been specially designed by our tea taster, Louise to help you feel GREAT, morning, noon and night. Packed full of benefits, with no compromise on our usual full on flavour – what’s not to love!?

Whether you’re looking for an invigorating morning brew, a mid-afternoon energy boost, or a little help drifting off at night, our new range is for you.

So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the 3 newest members of the teapigs gang….


Clean n green –
our detox tea

If like us, the idea of not hitting snooze 5 times before rolling out of bed seems like an inconceivable notion, you could benefit from an uplifting, revitalising brew to kick start your day. Clean n green sets you up perfectly, with its super combinationof green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and cleansing dandelion leaves packed full of antioxidants. Refreshing and slightly sweet tasting, this cuppa is delicious hot or iced and will turn you into a morning person in no time.   

Active ingredient – Dandelion

Good for: Detoxing (especially after a heavy night!)

How we like it: First thing in the morning.


What’s in it?

Dandelion – a nutritional powerhouse, which helps cleanse the liver & helps enhance the immune system. 

Lemongrass – helps aid digestion, cleanses and detoxifies key organs

Green tea – contains catechins which can have an antioxidant effect on the body

Coconut pieces – nutritious, high in dietary fibre and reduces sweet cravings

Liquorice root – is thought to ease coughs and respiratory problems and also curbs sweet cravings.

Ginger – thought to help with heart conditions, arthritis and nausea.


Up-beet – our energy tea

When the afternoon slump hits, it tends to hit hard – combat that desire to have a 3pm nap under your desk, with up beet – a blend specifically created to give you a much needed afternoon boost. A punchy blend of hibiscus, ginger, green tea and beetroot (trust us on that one!), this tea will have you bouncing your way to 5pm without a sugary energy drink in sight.

Active ingredientshibiscus and beetroot

Good for: A natural energy boost

How we like it: As an afternoon pick me up or when we’re gearing up for the gym


What’s in it

Beetroot – boosts stamina and is especially good before exercise

Hibiscus – anti-inflammatory properties and delicious!

Ginger – good for digestion and gives this tea a kick

Green tea – contains catechins which can have an antioxidant effect on the body

Carrot – immune boosting properties


Snooze – our sleepy tea

You’re definitely a teapig if the thought of a cosy night in complete with a blanket and hot cuppa screams perfect Friday night. But why not enjoy this luxury every night of the week? With the help of snooze – a soothing mix of chamomile, apple and lavender – you’ll be whisked off to the land of nod quicker than your head can hit the pillow.

Active ingredientLavender

Good for: Unwinding at the end of the day

How we like it: In a big mug on the sofa before bed


What’s in it:

Lavender – super relaxing and known to help with insomnia relief

Apple – great for digestion and adds a lovely sweetness

Chamomile – calming and soothing properties  

Intrigued? Check out our feel-good shop to give our new teas a try!