teapigs new year resolution

It just Jan, but you're already worn out from all the hustle, bustle, and one too many cups of caffeinated chaos?
We feel you. 😴

As the experts in kicking back and relaxing, here are our 3 tips for getting your best beauty sleep ever:


#1 Switch to decaf / Go caffeine-free

teapigs snooze with lavender tea

Mother Nature has all the chill pills you need, and our feel-good tea blends have them all! Lavender tea helps you unwind... and smells great. Valerian tea helps maintain a natural sleep and good cognitive function.

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#2 Limit liquid intake

teapigs calm with valerian tea

As tempting as that relaxing late night tea run may seem, put a stop to the sips two hours before bedtime. Nobody enjoys 3am wakeup calls from a tiny bladder!
Sip early and... shop calm!

#3 Jump on a relaxing playlist

teapigs for sleep playlist

We've created a playlist of nature's lullaby – rustling leaves, flowing water, or soft raindrops. Let the natural symphony serenade you into a peaceful night's sleep. Play the music on spotify here.

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