It’s getting hot in here – so rather than take off all your clothes, why not make some amazing summer drinks to cool down! (..and then you can take off  all your clothes if you so wish...we don't judge)

We’ve got some cracking recipes to share with you this summer, and would you believe it, they each revolve around our humble tea temple – hassle free, full of flavor summer drinks which are guaranteed to impress all your mates (even that really critical one, who you're not sure why you still talk to, but are desperate to impress)... Say goodbye to sugary syrups, and hello to your new best friend - the teapigs tea temple!

Whatever you fancy, we've got you covered:

iced teas

Have a read of some of our favorite real iced tea recipes – no fuss, amazing flavor, and perfect for summer. 


We love a cuppa – but sometimes you just need something that little bit stronger. Take a look at our favorite tea –based cocktail recipes. Guaranteed to jazz up your evening brew! 


Not your usual combination, but trust us, a teapigs teashake will become your new best friend in no time! Have a gander at some of our favorite teashake recipes - Amazing taste, fun to make, and ever so slightly healthier than your shop bought shakes (that is until you smother it with whipped cream of course..) 


What could be more perfect on a hot summer's day than a refreshing teapop!? Based around some of our favorite summer blends, teapops are a super simple and incredibly tasty way to enjoy tea this summer - plus the kids will love them! 

new iced tea cheeky bundle

This summer, we've released our brand new iced tea cheeky bundle - 5 of our favourite summery blends, perfect for making your very own summer time tea - with a cheeky 10% off! 

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