(Source: Tradtional Medicinals) 

This watermelon hibiscus daiquiri is simple, delicious and beyond refreshing! With only 6 ingredients and within 10 minutes, you can enjoy this frozen cocktail to combat the heat all summer long. This delicious summer drink also tastes great without rum, making it the perfect mocktail kids can enjoy too! 


Servings: 2 

Time: 10 mins 

What you'll need

  • ½ cup light rum (optional)

  • ice cubes (optional) 

  • a blender 

How to make

1. Put the tea temples in cold water and let it brew for 5-7 minutes for a nice strong flavour!

2. In a blender, add frozen strawberries, lime juice and light rum (optional).

3. Blend for 2 minutes/until smooth.

4. Pour the cold brew tea into blender and blend for another minute.

5. Optional: add ice cubes for that extra coolness and sliced lime for garnish.