Super easy, real, freshly brewed iced teas

Forget those sugary, bottled iced teas you might have tried before. Freshly brewed iced teas made with real ingredients are just so much tastier and better for you! All teas taste great iced – fact. You can use any black, green, white or oolong teas; or try fruit and herbal bends to make caffeine free iced teas. If they contain real, whole pieces of fruit and herbs, they will give you lots and lots of flavour – it’s a bit like making your own cordial.

Serves 1:

  • 1 tea temple (or 2 tsp whole leaf tea)
  • 250ml freshly boiled water
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh fruit to garnish
  1. Take 1 tea temple per person or per 250ml glass, and pour in freshy boiled water so that it just covers the tea temple.
  2. Brew for at least 5 minutes – but the longer it’s left to brew, the better!
  3. Top with cold water & ice cubes (a tea temple can be left in, but remember to strain out the tea leaves if using loose!)
  4. Add some fresh fruit for extra flavour. Lemons & limes go well with traditional teas, and berries and passion fruit taste amazing with fruit and herbal teas.

 Super-size the recipe to make a jug for sharing. We reccomend using 4 or 5 tea temples per litre jug. 

Our favourite iced tea combos:

Darjeeling earl grey and fresh lemon

Liquorice and mint straight up – the liquorice root provides all the flavour you need!

Superfruit tea, fresh berries and passionfruit

Clean n green with fresh mint and cubumber slices