*drumroll please *

May we formally introduce you to your new best friend - the teapigs milkshake or ‘teashake’ for short. Granted, tea and milkshakes may not be an obvious combination but trust us on this one - we’re onto something pretty darn special here!  

Forget sugary sauces and syrups, and say hello to the humble tea temple - Packed full of whole leaf tea and real ingredients (whether it be whole pieces of fruit, spices, chocolate or caramel) our tea temples are essentially little bags of intense flavor which means our teashakes will literally blow your socks off! (yep..literally…we’re going through socks like there’s no tomorrow).

As ever, we’re big fans of experimenting, so do give this method a go with your favorite tea temple, but here are our three most favorite, tried and tested, 'Oh my God, that can’t be good for you’ teapigs milkshakes. (But guess what – THEY ARE..sort of)


Serves 1:

  • 2 or 3 teapigs tea temples (depending on how strong you like your flavour!)
  • just less than 1/2 cup of water
  • 2-3 scoops good quality vanilla ice cream (gluten free, dairy free, fat free, flavor free – totally your call!)

 How to make

  1. Pop your tea temples into a cup
  2. Add just under a 1/2 cup of freshly boiled water
  3. Leave to brew for 10-15 minutes (depending on how punchy you like them)
  4. Once brewed, remove the tea temples and pour the liquid in to a blender
  5. Add 2-3 scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream
  6. Add a little skimmed or semi skimmed milk if the mixture is too thick
  7. Blend, drink, smile

Feel free to add whatever extras you fancy - whipped cream, sliced almonds, fresh mint  and berries all work a treat, but GO WILD!

Mums and dads – this is a cracking recipe to try out with your kids! Get them to choose their favorite blend (somehow, we think it might be chocolate and mint..) have your lil helper assist with mixing it all together, choose a few toppings and voila! Hours of fun! We have lots of caffeine free teas which are perfect for the kids, but grown ups, feel free to make yourself a darjeeling earl grey shake if you fancy a little caffeine kick! 

Share your creations:

We love, love, LOVE this recipe (Friday afternoon teashake time has completely transformed our office) and can't wait to see how you get on with making your very own creations! If you do give it a whirl, be sure to upload your beautiful creations to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag  #summertimetea - We'd love to see and might even reward some of our favorite snaps with lots of teapigs goodies!  

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