Brewing the perfect cuppa can sometimes be a bit of a minefield - how much water, what temperature do I need, what's the deal with milk!? We're firm believers that if you follow our 5 simple rules, you'll be making the perfect cuppa, every single time... 

always use freshly drawn water

Ok so we're not expecting everyone to measure out their water, but making sure you're always using freshly drawn water can elevate your cuppa to new heights! If you're lucky enough to have a well at the bottom of your garden - awesome. If not, simply emptying out your kettle and refilling will do the trick! 

Now we've recently invested in one of those fancy kettles which allows you to boil water to a certain temperature (life changer) but if your kettle doesn't come equipt with this handy feature and you're drinking green, white or oolong tea - simply grab the kettle just before it fully boils and you should be good to go! 

how much tea? 1 tea temple per person, or 2 in a teapot to serve 2The great thing about our tea temples is that they are the perfect loose tea serving, but with the conveneince of a tea bag! We recommend one per person - so keep that in mind when making a pot of tea.

Now hands up - who reuses the bag for a second brew? (...There's a chance we might be guilty of that one)

Leave the tea to brew for 3 minutes minimum!We use whole leaf tea, which need a little bit longer to brew - if you have a preference for the ol' dunk and dash, you won't be getting the full flavour, so relax, take a look at buzzfeed for 3 minutes and get the best cuppa possible!

For black teas, we suggest at least 3 minutes, but for herbals we do tend to leave the bag in the whole time, because we're mavericks like that. 

Add milk to any black or rooibos teas, but no need to add milk to green, white, oolong or herbal teas!This is our general rule of thumb for milk - what type of milk you choose is an entirely different matter! 

Now that's the basic covered, why not check out our full range of teas and get experimenting! We've also got  a fab range of teaware to help you become a tea pro in no time.