Fancy a brew with real flash bang? Head this way spice lovers - chilli chai is the one for you! If you already love your chai teas then you’re in for a treat.

what is it?

We've added chilli flakes to Assam tea, cardamom pods, chunks of ginger, cinnamon and vanilla for a little sweetness with no added sugars. But don’t worry, this won’t bring tears to your eyes, it’s a wonderful warming flavour that’s perfect to kick things up a notch.

where does it come from?

Chilli chai is a twist on a masala chai - an Indian classic.

For the proper experience you'd need a chai wallah - someone who's well versed in serving all things chai - boiling and swirling up a sweet and spicy potion of goodness. They'd brew the spice mix into water, bringing it to boil for 5 minutes, before reducing the temperature and adding an equal measure of milk. They'd then bring it up to boil for a further 5 minutes, and finish it off by adding lots of sugar. For the authentic experience, drink from a small clay pot and smash it on the floor when you're done - saves on the washing up! 

why is it so good?!

Stop it, you're making us blush! The good folks over at the Great Taste Awards recently gave chilli chai a gold star award - and we're pretty chuffed about it! 

Here's what they had to say: 

"Lovely burnt orange shade in the cup. Clove, star anise and cinnamon on the nose. A pleasant flavour and very drinkable."

what can I do with it?

Whatever you like! 

Drink as a classic tea by brewing for 3 minutes with 100 degree water - but if you're feeling adventurous you can brew for a little longer for more of that chilli bite!

For something a little closer to the original, why not try it as a latte? Add lashings of milk, and a sprinkle of cinnamon as garnish. You could even bake with it!

With such a flavourful blend, the sky is the limit. Let us know what recipes you come up with by tagging us on social @teapigshk!

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