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cold brew bottle kit
cold brew bottle kit
cold brew bottle kit

cold brew bottle kit


about this product

Keep on top of your daily water drinking goals with the cold brew bottle kit from teapigs. Featuring the hugely popular Joseph Joseph ‘dot’ bottle and three cold brew tea temples to get you started (1 x peach & mango, 1 x lychee & rose, 1 x cucumber & apple). Every time you twist the lid a new dot appears, helping you keep track of how much you’re drinking. Paired with our tasty, all natural cold brew infusions, it’s never been easier (or tastier!) to get your 2 litres a day.

what's in it

1 x teapigs x Joseph Joseph dot bottle | 1 x peach & mango tea temple | 1 x pink grapefruit tea temple | 1 x watermelon & hibiscus tea temple


teapigs x Joseph Joseph dot bottle:

600ml | impact-resistant and BPA-free tritan plastic | bottle is dishwasher safe | lid must be hand washed | 23.5 x 7 x 7 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Tea Great but disappointed with the water bottle - Or am I missing something?

ORDER #815902
Loving the tea, trying the cold water brews & also some new flavours.
Hwever disappointed with the water bottles! Again, great quality, but from the photo I thought they were flip tops.
Maybe they are, but not happening & I don't want to force anything.
I bought 2, 1 for the car, 1 for the office, so screwing the top off, putting down in one of these surface areas while drinking & then putting the top on again is not ideal or for me hygenic.
So disappointed :-(
Where is the perfect water bottle?? That fits in a car cup holder (mine is small), is glass or see through, has an easy clean flip top, holds 1/2 a litre & doesn't spill if it falls over?

Absolutely Love It!

I just love my new bottle so much and I also ordered the whole selection of the mixed cold brew bundle. I thought they would be sweet which I didn't want to, they taste so natural without any sweetness added, I'm drinking lots of water throughout the day now which I didn't use to! I love the bottle so much thank you teapigs for such a great product!

Pink Grapefruit cold brew

Ordered a pack along with some teabags and was really disappointed. You can taste the pink grapefruit but it just had a horrible after taste. I was so disappointed as I am a big fan of all things ‘Teapigs’. I received 3 samples in with the order and the blackcurrant and raspberry was definitely more palatable.


I’m a new Tea Pigs customer (2 weeks!).

Placed my initial order last week, for the Cold Brew Bottle Kit. It arrived within 2 days & I love it. The Joseph Joseph bottle is brilliant, because I can keep track of my fluid intake. I note that some reviewers have mentioned issues with the bottle lid, but I have to say, I haven’t had any issues at all.

As for the cold brew teas, I don’t have a particular favourite, as I really love all three flavours. So much so, on Wednesday I ordered the cold brew mixed bundle, which arrived yesterday. Also ordered another bottle kit, so one for home & for work.

Overall, excellent products matched by excellent customer service & I’m now a Tea Pigs convert. X

Sedlakova Timea
Helps me during work + Made a friend very happy!

So I actually ordered a WHOLE bunch of stuff last month. I happened to get two of these kits, since I planned to give one away to a friend.
As soon as it finally got sorted at customs and I got my hands on it I've been using it nonstop as during me doing graphic works and my writing job this was just perfect to help me get more water in. I was straight up OBSESSED with the lovely peach-mango flavor, DAZZLED by the rose-lyche one and very much SURPRISED by the cucumber-apple combo. Although my favorite will ultimately remain the peach-mango one, I highly reccommend all of them.
My only complaint is about the tricky lid, as I did have to be careful while opening and closing it the first few times as the little tracker makes it a bit iffy to open and close, but over all it's good and very easy to clean.