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decaf english breakfast
decaf english breakfast
decaf english breakfast
decaf english breakfast

decaf english breakfast


All the taste & quality of a "regular tea" with less of the caffeine - drink it any time you like!
$25.00 to $80.00
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decaffeinated with CO2



we donate with every pack sold

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great with

your fave milk, even alternatives!



Kenya & Ceylon

what's special about this tea?

imageTea Taster

A cuppa with all the taste of a regular black tea, but with less of the caffeine? Magic, right? Well, slightly more sciency than magic as we use the CO2 method to naturally decaffeinate our tea leaves. But either way, we're thrilled to finally be able to enjoy a proper builder's brew before bed!

signatureTea Taster

Tea Taster

step 1-image

step 1

First, we soak the tea leaves in water.

step 2-image

step 2

Then we pass CO2 through the leaves to remove the caffeine.

step 3-image

step 3

The caffeine-laden CO2 is filtered to remove the caffeine.

step 4-image

step 4

Finally, the leaves are dried and packed, ready for you all to enjoy!

our ethical scheme-image

our ethical scheme

We make a donation to the Point Foundation with every pack of english breakfast we sell. We also match donations our customers make on our website and run regular fundraising efforts. Thanks to all your contributions, we've raised over £550,000 together and we're keen to do more! Learn more here.

how does it taste?
Rich & malty - just like a regular breakfast tea.
good if you're feeling
In need of a proper brew, without having to worry about bedtime.
decaffeinated black tea

nutrition per 100ml

  • 0 kcal
  • 0 sugar
  • 0 fat
  • 0 carbohydrate
Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This tea naturally contains caffeine.

our packaging

tea temple-image

tea temple

made from plant starch - pop in your council food waste

inner bag-image

inner bag

made from wood pulp - pop in your home compost

outer carton-image

outer carton

made from sustainable paperboard - recycle me

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