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glass storage jar

glass storage jar


We will send you a label to go on your jar!

about this product

You asked and we gave! These are the lovely glass storage jars you will see in our cafes, delis and restaurants. They are great for keeping your tea temples nice and fresh and your kitchen cupboard very tidy. Made from durable light-weight glass, they have a top quality air-tight wooden lid and are a must have accessory for any teapigs fan!

*please note, these glass jars do not come with tea inside


made from light weight durable glass | dishwasher safe | air-tight silicone seal wooden lid | height 18cm | width 10.5cm | jars come without tea

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Simple things...

A jar with a label on full of teabags shouldn't make me this happy.

Karen Hoskins
size matters

was very disappointed to discover that the new glass storage jars aren't the same size as the previous ones.
they don't match up and no longer fit on the shelf(too tall)!

Disappointingly Paper Label

Great caddy but I was very disappointed that the label is made of paper. One wash and it's no longer there. One side of the jar is etched, it's a pity the big label isn't etched as well.

Excellent Customer Service

I relecently placed an order for an unlabelled jar. My second order of these, as they are so useful and pleasing to look at. It arrived broken this time, but I contacted tea pigs and they have sent out a replacement very easily and quickly. It was ashame that it broke but I had to leave a good review about how quickly they sent out a replacement to get the issue sorted :)

Aimée Silver
glass storage Jar

I have read a few reviews from people stating that tea pigs teabags loose their potency quite quickly. I believe this may because, like all tea, they should be kept in an air tight container. I personally have had no problems since doing so. However its fairly common knowledge that tea leaves are best kept in a dark jar, away from strong light sources and so I'm surprised tea pigs have provided a glass jar??

That said the jar is air tight and looks lovely.