When dreaming up new flavour combinations we always tend to go BIG. BIG pieces - In this case massive chunks of root ginger, liquorice and cinnamon. This of course delivers BIG flavour. What we were trying to get was a strong ginger kick, with a smooth sweet after taste. We think we have done it with our sweet ginger. Another great mid-afternoon alternative to unhealthy snacking* (* also good with cake). 

Then we turned to the packaging, the usual teapigs brainstorming ensued. This is not the sophisticated brainstorming session where people sit on soft beanbags squeezing stress balls and nodding politely at others ideas. This is more playground brainstorming – shouting across the offices and ridiculing others ideas. In the end the best suggestion comes to the surface and there was a clear winner – who is the sweetest ginger known well to every UK household – Chris Evans. Thick frame glasses won the day. 

We thank you Chris Evans for your wonderfulness, now please can you get famous in the US so that our packaging makes sense everywhere!