It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for...

Just like high-waisted jeans, scrunchies, and the best boybands of the 90’s – jelly & ice cream is back, alright! It’s the fun-flavoured blend we just can’t keep away from.

Did you know – jelly & Ice cream was originally created by our tea taster, Louise, to celebrate our 10th birthday?! We’re well into teenagehood now but we still can’t deny the simple pleasure of a childhood treat, and so it just keeps making its way back into our rotation. The marriage of the smooth & creamy with the sweet & tangy makes it the perfect pair -and, it's naturally caffeine free!

One day, while gleefully planning its return, a thought struck us. Could we take our beloved blend and actually turn it into that which we so wish for – actual jelly and ice cream!? Labcoats and goggles on, we whizzed, shaped, and chilled things until finally we had it – the perfect recipe. And did we mention, it’s vegan too!?

What you’ll need

  • jelly & ice cream tea temples
  • Water - 100ml per tea temple you use
  • Powdered gelatine, gelatine leaves, or a vegan gelatine alternative – we use VegeSet as it maintains that classic jelly wobble! If you're using gelatine leaves, you may need to soak these in water separately first - check the instructions!
  • A pan
  • A jelly mould
  • Your favourite vanilla ice cream

How to make jelly

  • First things first, brew up a concentrate of your jelly & ice cream – we recommend 1 temple per 100ml of water. Brew for 5-10 minutes for a nice strong flavour!
  • Pour your concentrate into a pan, and sprinkle in your jellying agent - either 1 leaf of gelatine,1 tbsp of powdered gelatine, or 1tsp of VegeSet per 100ml of water. Stir constantly while bringing gently to boil.
  • This is the tricky bit - once smooth and combined, pour into your mould and leave in fridge to set for a few hours. No touching - be patient!
  • Once the jelly has set, turn it out and plop a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice cream on top.

Ahh, it’s the summer of 1995 all over again!

Much like our youth, our time with jelly & ice cream is fleeting, so be sure to grab a pack of this limited edition before it’s retired again!

Fancy some more summer fun?

  • Cool down with some iced teapops here
  • Make use of your leftover ice cream and give teashakes a go
  • Or stick with the classics and try a simple iced tea